Step 7: Firming The Neck

facelift guide - step 7

One of the primary misconceptions patients have is that facelift surgery focuses only on the face. A facelift addresses the lower portion of the face and the neck. Our surgeons in Denver, Colorado, perform facelifts that also tighten the neck by placing sutures at the edge of the platysma muscle which are tied back to the tissue behind it. This creates a more youthful neck angle.

Mini-Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift

As we mentioned in Step 6, increasing the invasiveness of facelift surgery doesn’t necessarily yield enhanced results. Surgeons performing a traditional facelift use an additional small incision beneath the chin, creating a larger pocket that stretches from one side of the neck to the other. This extensive separation of the skin from the underlying platysma muscle can diminish the effect of platysma muscle tightening on the overlying neck skin.

Step 8: Removing Extra Skin

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